So, since I’ve heard so much from friends and clients about making good use of KDP Select and free days, I thought I’d step out and try it and see what happened. Wow!

I offered Shadow in the Pines free October 3 – 4 and posted it on about 20 sites that let you advertise free books, then I did the same for Private Spies on October 10 – 11. Shadow in the Pines had a total of 254 free downloads and sold 1 copy the day they went back to the original $2.99 price. Not a huge response and seemed in keeping with so much of what I’ve heard indicating the KDP free ride is pretty much over.

But hold on. I didn’t check the numbers of Private Spies the first day, but checked the morning of October 11 and was stunned to find that more than 2500 people had downloaded a free copy. Shocking! I checked in the afternoon to find that the number was now over 6000! The morning of October 12 after the price had gone back to $2.99, I found a total of over 9500 free books were downloaded and 52 had been purchased at regular price. Of course 52 is a long way from my target of selling 1000 or more copies a month, but hey, it’s nothing to sneeze at!

We’ll see how things go over the next few days. Meanwhile I’m busy writing a few guest blog articles I’ve promised to folks for November, doing first edits for the next Shari Markham mystery (any beta readers out there?) and about half way through with Jesse Morgan’s next adventure. I love what I do and am almost giddy with the idea that there are readers out there who love these characters like I do! Let me hear from you!