Happy New Year!

And what a year it’s been! I’m still very new to being a published author, and it seems like I find every day there’s something else I didn’t realize I should be thinking about. But I know this – I want to thank those of you who’ve been so incredibly encouraging as I’ve seen my first book published and then the second and so on! I seriously would never have done it without you and your support! It’s truly a dream come true to see Shari Markham and Jesse Morgan come alive for readers who say they enjoy them as much as I do. I can’t wait to see what the new year holds for them both.

I hope to be more active here on the blog and to keep my website updated more frequently. Time management is critical of course, and I am determined to be more effective in that arena. I’m still totally committed to my “day job” with BreakThrough Promotions and love what I do there, but am looking at being an author as “moonlighting” a second job with which I’m equally enthralled.

I hesitate to draft a list of New Year’s Resolutions because I don’t seem to follow through very well, but I do believe in planning and setting goals for the coming year. In looking back, I’m terribly thankful for so many things, most importantly my health and that of my family. Some of you may remember that my oldest son, Dave, has had major health issues over the last few years, and was in a long term care facility last Christmas. The doctors didn’t think he’d ever come home. And yet here he is and we spent a wonderful, quiet Christmas Day together with my other two sons and daughter-in-law. My husband, who suffered a mild stroke last fall, has had no more major incidents and although he can no longer work full time, enjoys his time helping me with BTP and taking care of Dave as he’s able.

Although Lupus seems near impossible to diagnose or fully understand, since my diagnosis in 2011, my health has continued to improve and with the help of some Christmas gifts in the form of fitness equipment, I intend to continue to improve until I’m as fit as I ever was! Hold me to that =). I also plan to give more time and energy to cultivating close friendships. I’ve allowed myself to become a bit of a hermit with all the health issues these last few years and while I have hundreds of acquaintances I hold dear, I miss the closeness of true friends and want to enjoy that again. We started the year off right enjoying lunch and conversation with Mike and Shelly Witzgall, two of our oldest and dearest friends and I trust that was just the first of many times to come.

Here’s a song from another friend of mine, a fairly new one: Larry Whitler of WOCA in Ocala Florida. I met him through work and Robin MacBlane, but like to think of them as friends over the years. I hope you enjoy this rendition:

I also plan to read many good, new books, and to re-read a few old favorites. I plan to write another book or two, as well. How about you? As you look into the New Year to come, what captures your attention these days?