Baby it’s cold outside!

It’s probably not that cold to a lot of you out there, but for us here in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, it doesn’t get cold like it’s been this week. I’ve lived in North and Central Texas for almost 40 years now, and I don’t remember ever hearing them predict 12 degrees in my area and yet this week, they did. We haven’t been that cold yet, and may not get that cold, but just the thought is crazy! It’s 33 now and plenty cold enough for me. I was born in southern California and went to high school in Phoenix AZ where it’s nice and warm year round. I’m not prepared for this!

One thing it’s done for me, though, is keep me inside and close to my computer with a little more time to write than I usually have this time of year. That’s a good thing. I’ve got deadlines looming after the new year and some serious revision time ahead. I have to admit, I’ve been slow on the uptake on promoting my own books, much to my chagrin (and my publisher’s dismay I suspect). I’m on the lookout to form a posse who’ll help me get the word out and keep me on task, and a few committed souls who’ll volunteer as beta readers. Let me know if you want to lend a hand!

AngelKillerfrontWhat’s next for me? In Angel Killer, Shari Markham had a bit of a cold, hard winter. The case was solved, but her emotions were wrecked in the process. Did she bite off more than she could chew when she took the position as psychologist and profiler with the Dallas Police? It’s one thing to want a job where you can make a difference, but what if it works better in theory than practice? What if the consequences of your decisions are life or death and you make the wrong choice? The team might’ve solved the question of whodunit on their last case, but what about who you should trust? That answer isn’t as clear and as another horrific case unfolds in the hot, Dallas summer, Shari’s self-confidence has taken a beating. She’s not sure she can trust herself, much less anyone else. Fortunately, Shari’s as stubborn as she is smart, and then there’s that sign on her office wall that her sons gave her that says: Never Give Up; Never Surrender

Till next time!