Never Give Up Your Dream by PJ Nunn

PJNThere’s nothing I love more than a stack of good books just waiting for me. Ten years ago, I’d given up on the idea of having my work published, and just got busy building my business which is acting as a publicist for authors who are promoting their books.

I love what I do. I work for the best people in the world and get introduced to great new books almost every day. And I get paid for it – can’t beat that! But every once in a while, I’d get a little sad that it seemed no one else would have the opportunity to meet my characters and enjoy them like I enjoy so many others.

I didn’t sit around having pity parties – there’s no time for that. But every once in a while, I’d get hold of a book that really wasn’t that great and I’d think, “My book is this good. Better than this. Maybe I should try again.” Usually I’d shake it off and just go on. I’d already tried the get-an-agent, submit-your-manuscript dance so many times. It almost worked. I actually had an editor at a large publisher who wanted to work with me. She requested one rewrite, then another, then a third. About the time we started to talk about a contract, she resigned her job and went to another publisher who didn’t want a series like mine. I was devastated.

I tried again. I heard Harlequin was looking for romantic suspense so I cranked out another one and submitted it. They liked it! But, they wanted a rewrite. Then another one, then a third (I’m not making this up). This time the response was, “I really like your writing but your book is just too much suspense and not enough romance.” Sigh.

That’s when I gave up and moved on. But here I am, fifteen years later and celebrating the release of Angel Killer: A Shari Markham Mystery, AngelKillerfrontpublished in July by Dark Oak Mysteries. How cool is that? I can’t tell you how great it feels when readers send me notes or reviews and tell me how they like a certain character, or how they can’t wait for the next book in the series. It’s a completely foreign and incredible feeling.

So let me encourage you. Whatever your dream is, even when it seems like it’s just not possible, or maybe not worth the effort, don’t give up. Sometimes we might need to put it down and walk away for a while, but don’t hesitate to go back and pick it up again if the time seems right. It might be your turn next!

When is your book coming out?

Angel Killer

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