What happens when a publicist gets published

Who knew this would be a hard question? I spend at least part of my day, every day, getting publicity for somebody’s book. It’s what I do. And, if I do say so myself, I’m fairly good at it. What’s even better is that I love what I do. It doesn’t get much better than this.

So when I got the word that one of my books was finally going to be published, it seemed like I’d just taken “better” to a whole new level. Let the fun begin.

It didn’t take long to figure out I’d MUCH rather brag on someone else’s books than my own. After weeks, literally, of avoiding the issue (after all, it’s not even released yet) I figured out I better get some help. Fortunately, I’m in the business so I know where to get it. Whoever thought I’d be hiring a publicist??

The first of what seems a frightening number of blog stops begins Sunday, June 23 at the Oak Tree Press. There’ll be plenty more to follow that one.

I can’t avoid it all, so with some trepidation, I am working on plans for an exceptional book launch. Note that you are all invited and that my partner-in-crime Mike Witzgall WILL be in attendance along with the illustrious Earl Staggs and whoever else I can corral to make sure we throw a real Texas party. More on that later.

There will also be a few random book signings in the Tulsa area (so all my Night Writer friends and family get ready) and around Hot Springs Village so all you writers up there can come too while I’m in town visiting my mom.

My hubby, also known as radio-man, is thrilled to talk to all his broadcast buddies about interviews with me. I’m rolling my eyes a lot. But I’ll show up and we’ll have a good time and in the process, I hope we move a ton of books.

But meanwhile back at the ranch, I’ll be busy tucked away in my office, talking on the phone about all my clients’ books because that’s what I love to do. Being published didn’t change that a bit. Promoting you all is a joy! Promoting myself is a job.


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